CI Biography



Colonel Mohan Chandra Gurung, psc, MA, an alumnus of the Nepali Military Academy, was commissioned into the Nepali Army on 24thMarch 1995. He assumed the designation of Chief Instructor of the Nepali Military Academy on 23rd December 2021.

During his meritorious career, he has undertaken several professional courses at home and abroad. Besides career courses, he has undergone Signal Young Officer’s Course(Nepal), Regimental Signal Officer’s Course (Both in Nepal and India), Para Basic Course (Nepal), Wireless Communication Engineering (China), Signal Company Commander (India). Also, he has attended various seminar and workshop such as Multinational Communication Interoperability Program (Philippines), Multinational Communication Interoperability Program (MCIP) Planning Staff Workshop - Corporate Board (Japan), Multinational Communication Interoperability Program (MCIP) Pacific Endeavour 3 Cyber Endeavor and Security Sector Governance (SSG) Seminar in Nepal.

He has a tremendous working experience in the international platform which especially includes his various tenures in the United Nations. He has served as a Battalion Duty Officerin UNAMSIL (2002), Battalion Operation Officer in MINUSTAH (2009), Military Observer in MONUSCO (2011-2012) and Staff Officer G-6 in MINUSMA (2017-2018).

In recognition of his dignified service, he has been awarded with Gaddhi Aarohan Rajat Mahotsab Padak, UN Medal, Paradesh Sewa Padak, Sainik Sewa Padak, Prakriti Samrachan Padak, prakritik Prakop Pidit Udhar Padak and CoAS Commendation badge.

Col Gurung is a passionate swimmer and enjoys playing football. He has participated in various football tournaments during his school and military life. In leisure time, he loves reading, hiking and fishing.