Extra Curricular Activities & Sports

The training faculty organizes an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, games and adventure sports in which the officer cadets are expected to participate with zeal and enthusiasm. The collective aim of these events is two-fold: recreational and to instil a sense of team-building spirit.

Cultural programmes are organized occasionally with a purpose to mutually share our blend of diverse culture. Mess nights are held to facilitate social interaction and to familiarize officer cadets with the conduct and procedures of military mess etiquettes.

  • Library and Computer Lab: A library and a Computer lab are located on the Academy premises that officer cadets can have access to during allocated hours.
  • Signal Lab: The signal lab is a simulative training utility that helps to develop the correct application of radiotelephony procedures.
  • Multi-purpose Gym: A multi-purpose gym is located on the Academy premises.
  • AnteRoom: Separate Ante room with television is located on the Academy premises.
  • Canteen Facilities: Non-profit Canteen with military items essentials for training and healthy food is located on the academy premises.
  • Laundry House: A well-equipped laundry house is located on the Academy premises.
  • Medical Services: A medical team with a doctor and nursing assistant is available round the clock on the Academy premises to cope with medical emergencies and render medical assistance as and when required. Circumstances that are beyond the scope of the remedial team will be referred to the Military Hospital in Kathmandu for subsequent treatment.
  • Prayer Services: Utilities for prayer services are available for International officer cadets who wish to offer prayers during special hours and on occasions for religious observance.