Officer Cadet Course Overview


1. Nepali Military Academy is dedicated to provide basic training to every new intake of the Officer Cadets and has been producing professionally sound, disciplined, highly dedicated Officer's.

2. Within the training period, military training along with the Bachelors Degree Program in Humanities & Social Sciences in collaboration with the country's reputed Tribhuwan University which goes simultaneously to make training fruitful and effective. Syllabus mainly focuses on professional military knowledge, physical fitness and robustness, leadership, adventure training, weapon training, drill, map reading. A team of dedicated and highly qualified professors/lecturers are involved in the academic program.


3. As per the military teachings the 36-months training syllabus is divided into four terms:

      a)  First term : 9 months (include Drill Square Test phase)

b)    Second term : 9 months

c)     Third term : 9 months

d)    Fourth term : 9 months

4. The course duration of 36 months is also designed to cover the academic program.

Military Subjects

5. The syllabus is especially focused on military tactics (both conventional and unconventional), Weapon Training including Live Fire and Move, Physical Fitness, Map reading, Drill, Field Crafts/Battle Crafts (FC/BC), Leadership and man-management, Adventure Trainings and other classes on miscellaneous subjects. Emphasis is given to improve the physical fitness and endurance of the officer cadets throughout the course period with individual and team-building events.

6. The military training syllabus is divided into four different terms with the coverage of various military subjects:

a)     First Term. Designed to develop basic soldierly qualities, basic military skills, FC/BC, MR Skills and be able to perform task of a Soldier.

b)    Second Term. Designed to give the knowledge of battle drills and minor tactics and leadership qualities in Officer Cadets at section level.

c)     Third Term. Designed to give the knowledge on conventional warfare (four operations of war) to the Officers Cadet and be able to plan and execute tactical operation at platoon level.

d)    Fourth Term. Designed to give knowledge on unconventional warfare (counter insurgency) to the Officer Cadets and to develop leadership qualities.

Academic Subjects

7. The Academy has introduced a Bachelor's Degree program in Humanities and Social Sciences in its curriculum since 1995. The subjects covered are:

a)     Compulsory English

b)    Compulsory Nepali (Alternative English for Overseas Cadets)

c)     Sociology / Political Science

d)    Strategic Studies

e)     Elective Subject like professional and technical communication.

Adventure Trainings & Sports Activities

8. The Officer Cadets are also encouraged to participate in various adventure trainings such as Hiking, White Water River Rafting, Cycling, Rappeling, Bungee Jumping, Rock Climbing, Horse Riding.

9. Beyond the academic and military theoritical subjects, the officer cadets also take part in various sports such as: Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Swimming, Boxing, Cross-Country, Tennis, Golf, Athletics, etc.

Access to the Academy and Contact Details

10. The Nepali Military Academy is located in Kharipati, Bhaktapur district, Bagmati zone on the foothills of Nagarkot Hill, 18 km east from the capital city of Kathmandu at an altitude of 1350 meters (4430 feet) above sea level. The government and public transport (bus, microbus, taxi, etc) service can be used to reach Bhaktapur or Kamalbinayak and then to Kharipati NMA premises.

11. The Academy family will be happy to extend support and provide information on any kind of training or adminstrative matters